February 09, 2015

The number 1 diet mistake we're all making

We're doing it all wrong.

I couldn't believe it - but it was true, it was a revelation.

We all go about our day, preparing (and enjoying!) three meals.

Each meal increases in size throughout the day - starting with breakfast which is traditionally a quick somethin' somethin' before we rush out the door - some of us even skip it, opting to just get the day starting instead (a big no-no in its own right, but you already know that).

Ah now to the second meal, lunch - a meal with more substance than breakfast. It usually consists of (assuming you packed a lunch) a main (sandwich, possibly leftovers) and a few snacks - enough to get us through the afternoon.

Finally - the third meal. Without a doubt the most cherished and coveted of the day, dinner. This is a chance for us to unwind, catch our breath and relax. It is always the meal that gets the most of our time and attention - either eating out, or taking the time to prepare something at home. This however leads us to the very problem itself. Dinner is the biggest meal of the day, often times consisting of multiple dishes, and even dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth.

There lies the root of the problem - we consume our biggest intake at the end of our day - when we're unwinding and when we least need the fuel. We've already taken on the challenges over the day! we've already "carpe diemed"! Why then, are we fueling up so much?

In fact - our eating habits are completely wrong - we should be indulging in our most filling meal of the day at breakfast, and the lightest meal of the day at dinner.

Swap convention over on it's head - and try this out - start out with a big hearty breakfast, and finish up with a small dinner - the results will amaze you.

You're body will burn off the breakfast as fuel - and the light dinner means that you will not have all that "excess" for your body to store while you sleep - better known as the "fat hangover".

Not only that - but a lighter dinner leads to a better sleep - allowing your body to focus less energy on digestion and put it towards repair and rejuvenation of the body's cells.

This lifehack seems so obvious - go ahead and give it a shot, you'll see great results.