What is PB&Me?

PB&Me is a powdered peanut butter that has significantly less fat than traditional peanut butter. Made from premium peanuts and with simple ingredients you love in your favourite Peanut Butter spread. We've squeezed all the oil out of our peanuts, therefore removing the fat, but leaving behind the protein and delicious peanut flavor. Mix it in with a bit of water and you have an incredible peanut butter - without the guilt of course.


You don't eat two tablespoons of butter in the morning? So why eat two tablespoons of peanut butter?

It's packed with protein

How good is PB&Me?

We'll let our customers speak on our behalf here:


Enjoy it in the morning as a spread, as a protein addition to your shakes, as a snack, or by the spoonful!

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