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 "I've made the switch to PB&Me and I'm not going back. Simply put, it is the best peanut butter I've ever tasted, and to think I'm saving calories. Thank you PB&Me, I feel great and I'm grateful" - Olivia, 31

"I had heard about PB&Me from my trainer, and good thing I discovered it. As a self-labelled "peanut butter" nut, I had a hard time giving up my PB while trying to get into shape - until I tried PB&Me for the first time. It saved me, I have it in the morning for breakfast, in my smoothies while training and at night when I need a peanut butter fix by the spoonful! To be honest, when I was dieting I had a hard time finding clean products that weren't full of additives and flavourings, PB&Me is just good, clean and healthy - with natural ingredients. It has become a staple in my kitchen!" - Tiffany, 24

"I ordered PB&Me while I was searching through smoothie recipes, what a discovery! Smoothies will never be the same!"
- Mark, 26