Powdered Peanut Butter - All-Natural PB&Me

Introducing Powdered Peanut Butter

PB&Me is an all-natural, low calorie powdered peanut butter. Our peanuts are slow roasted and pressed to remove the oil, leaving behind a light flour high in protein, with 90% less calories from fat than a traditional peanut butter. With only 45 calories and upwards of 6 g of protein per serving, you can enjoy PB&Me in your shakes and smoothies, as a gluten-free ingredient in baking or mixed with water for a delicious creamy peanut butter.

Quality: Premium non-gmo peanuts

Flavors: Natural (no sugar added), Chocolate Hazelnut, Traditional (lightly sweetened)

Low calorie: Less than 25 calories per tablespoon

Protein: 6g of protein per serving 

Versatility: Great for smoothies/shakes, as a spread or as a baking flour


Let us know what you blend up with PB&Me!