PB&Me is an all-natural powdered peanut butter that is 90% less fat than traditional peanut butter. Powdered peanut butter is a revolutionary new product whereby fat is removed from the peanuts, leaving behind that delicious flavour and protein in the form of a light peanut flour. To get a creamy peanut butter, simply mix in PB&Me water. Just like that you'll have a delicious low-calorie creamy peanut butter.

It also works great in smoothies, giving the desired PB flavour and loaded with protein, without the needless fat.

It's also widely used in baking as an ingredient as well, did we mention that it's gluten-free?



 "I've made the switch to PB&Me and I'm not going back. Simply put, it is the best peanut butter I've ever tasted, and to think I'm saving calories. Thank you PB&Me, I feel great and I'm grateful" - Olivia, 31

"I had heard about PB&Me from my trainer, and good thing I discovered it. As a self-labelled "peanut butter" nut, I had a hard time giving up my PB while trying to get into shape - until I tried PB&Me for the first time. It saved me, I have it in the morning for breakfast, in my smoothies while training and at night when I need a peanut butter fix by the spoonful! To be honest, when I was dieting I had a hard time finding clean products that weren't full of additives and flavourings, PB&Me is just good, clean and healthy - with natural ingredients. It has become a staple in my kitchen!" - Tiffany, 24

"I ordered PB&Me while I was searching through smoothie recipes, what a discovery! Smoothies will never be the same!"
- Mark, 26 


The number 1 diet mistake we're all making

February 09, 2015

We're doing it all wrong. I couldn't believe it - but it was true, it was a revelation. We all go about our day, preparing (and enjoying!) three meals. Each meal increases in size throughout the day - starting with breakfast which is traditionally a quick somethin' somethin' before we rush out the door - some of us even skip it, opting to just get the day starting instead (a big no-no in its own right, but you already know that). Ah now to the second meal, lunch - a meal with more substance than breakfast. It usually consists of (assuming you packed a lunch) a main (sandwich, possibly leftovers) and a few snacks - enough to get us through the afternoon. Finally - the third... Continue Reading →


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